What is college management system?

what is college management system

With augment of technology, colleges are now running smoothly with proper functioning capabilities. The smooth working process of the colleges is possible because of the college management system. Just like ERP or enterprise resource planning, college management system or CMS is integrated software that helps in putting all the working process in a proper flow. Some of the big names in the education industry are already taking use of college management system, as it is easy for them to arrange their working process in a one line. In addition, CMS or college management system also helps the students in understanding the working process in a proper manner.

With use of college management system, working process of the entire college comes under one roof. With help of CMS, working process of all the departments can be monitored with ease. Maximum utilization of resources is possible with use of CMS. Use of college management system is also environment friendly as it reduced the use of paper and all the work related to it as all the working process of different departments are done online. Companies involved in developing the college management software understand the requirement of the colleges after which they are able to develop the software accordingly.

One of the basic advantages of college management system is that, important and data can be stored and backed with ease. There would be no threat of losing any data, as everything is stored online in a secured server that can be accessed with ease by the users.


What is online travel portal?

online travel portal developmentAs technology is advancing at a rapid pace, it is helping people in various fronts. One of the major technological advances that have taken into practice is the online travel portals. Online travel portals have become one of the convenient methods to make your travel bookings online. With different websites available, you can easily make your bookings for the destination you want to travel. It does not matter which mode of transport you are willing to take, with online travel portals, you can select as per your need and requisition. People from all across the world prefer to take use of online travel portals for making their travel bookings, as they are easy and convenient.

While taking use of online travel portal, you would be able to go through a wide range of packages and deals for different destination across the world. In addition, online travel portals have become one of the most convenient methods of bringing all the travel options under one roof. Along with this, you can easily attain information related to travel options and destination where you are willing to go. Online travel portals also give the option and choice of booking your hotel stay where you are going.

Another feature that you can get from online travel portals is that, you can go through the reviews and ratings of the destinations all across the world. With different modes, payment process can be done with ease and that also in a secured manner. You can even take use of coupon codes to take additional discount on your travel deals through online travel portals.

Mobile Recharging Software – It’s Importance and Benefits for Businesses

Mobile phones have turned into necessities from luxuries. What used to be adorned by the hands of the wealthy businessman is now used by the pizza delivery guy too. A huge market has thus been created for mobile phones. Since post-paid connections are usually more expensive and one needs to pay a rental every month, a lot of people use pre-paid. Pre-paid gives you complete freedom of choice. You can choose whatever plan you want, whatever amount of recharge you want to get. Now, one might be curious as to how a pre-paid recharge actually takes place. It does, with the help of mobile recharging software.

Mobile recharge software is generally of two kinds- one which allows direct transfer between the company and the customer and another which requires a retailer in between. The API application has been of immense help in this regard. Application Programming Interface, API, facilitates the interaction between different software by acting as an interface between them. Mobile operators use the API database to communicate. In case of B2B or recharging via a retailer, the distributors provide business to the retailers who are then added to the admin. When someone purchases a recharge card or gets easy recharge done from that retailer, the recharge amount is transferred through admin from the distributors to mobile recharge retailers. Eventually it reaches the customer’s mobile. Another kind of mobile recharging software is B2C where the customer can directly interact with the distributor and get the recharge done. This is done through the online recharging system using net banking. All one needs to do is visit their mobile operator’s website, select the option of online recharge, enter his/her mobile number and necessary bank account or credit/debit card details. Recharge is done instantly and most of the times even faster than in case of other forms of recharge.

B2B and B2C, each have their own advantages. Online recharging is much more convenient, if you consider the fact that you can just sit home or practically anywhere and have a working net connection either on your phone or on a computer or laptop. The flipside is you need to activate net banking facilities for your account from your bank. On the other hand, this won’t be a problem if you go to a retailer and considering the mushrooming of mobile recharging stores everywhere, finding one is never a problem. However, you will have to physically go and get it done and most stores do not stay open all night or early in the morning. Mobile recharging softwares must be user-friendly, adaptable and secure above all. It should allow the user to check other details such as, viewing current balance, commission earned by the retailer, status of recharge and recharge history.


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